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Thank you for having us on board and trusting us to make your project a reality.
It has been a great experience to have worked alongside your team to make this happen and we appreciate your help during the process so far.

Even though the two days shoot had its fair share of challenges, both our teams were able to tackle them successfully.

We hope that we would find ourselves working together again in the near future!

Sysco Labs
Website Photoshoot 2021

Two day Photoshoot for Sysco Labs as a part of their website revamping project for 2022.

Sysco Labs
Website Photoshoot 2021

Preview Raw Images

Click the button below to access preview images from the shoot.  Access will be pre approved to your email, however if there are any issues accessing do drop us a note. 

Once you've selected your images, please mention the file name and associated changes. You can share it with us via excel sheet (ideally), a word document, WhatsApp, smoke signals or by any other means of your choice.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further concerns or clarifications.

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We have taken a sample image from your collection to help you understand how you can approach post production.  Composition, exposure, image merger, and retouching are just a few things you can think about when suggesting changes. 


Review your images and let us know what changes your want to see.

The Process

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