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 Clear | Video Production Company in Sri Lanka

Client: Porsche Gmbh

Project: Digital Advertisement

Clear's Social Advertising for Porsche and Pickme during the COVID Pandemic (2020)



Both PickMe, a leading ride-hailing service, and Porsche, the luxury automobile brand, came to Clear seeking to create impactful video content during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to maintain brand engagement and visibility along with social awareness despite the restrictions and challenges of the pandemic.

Innovative Planning:

  • Remote Collaboration: Utilized virtual planning sessions to strategize the shoots.

  • Meticulous Production Execution: Employed advanced lighting and high-definition cinematography.

  • Safety Protocols: Implemented stringent health measures to ensure safe environments.

Creative Execution:

  • Porsche: Used high-definition cinematography to capture luxury and performance within the confines of a single warehouse location.

  • Hatch: Designed an iconic yellow set and crafted engaging narratives to resonate deeply with the audience.

Production Details:

  • Engaging Content: Crafted a narrative that resonated deeply with the audience, emphasizing the importance of gender equality.

  • Collaborative Effort: Worked closely with Hatch to ensure the vision was brought to life seamlessly.




  • Enhanced Visibility: Reinforced brand presence in Sri Lanka where they do lower levels of promotional activities.

  • High Engagement Post: Significant increases in views, shares, and positive feedback.


  • Widespread Acclaim: Raised awareness about gender bias with extensive positive feedback.

  • Increased Engagement: Spikes in social media interaction and discussions.


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