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 Clear | Video Production Company in Sri Lanka


of pioneers and adventurers; 


The ones who see opportunity while the world’s still looking in the rear-view mirror. We know what it's like to come back from the mountain with a story to tell, and here at Clear, we love transforming those experiences into compelling visual narratives.

We exist to tell stories

From Concept to Consumer

CLEAR houses Sri Lanka’s broadest range of expertise and talent for handling every aspect of modern film/video production.

Clear leverages its extensive experience to expertly manage and execute a wide range of video productions as full-stack line producers. From documentaries and commercials to digital platform advertising and lifestyle photography, Clear consistently delivers excellence that aligns with global standards thanks to our amazing talent and bleeding-edge technology.

Pre-Production Services:

  1. Locations: Research, permits, logistics

  2. Coordination: Scheduling, oversight

  3. Talent: Auditions, contracts, support

  4. Costumes & Makeup: Design, artists, continuity

  5. Art Direction: Style, budget, sets

  6. Lighting & Sets: Setup and Construction, Safety Protocols

  7. Crews & Equipment: Hiring, Sourcing

  8. Logistics: Accommodation, catering, transport for Cast and Crew

  9. ATA Carnet: Customs, equipment transit

Post-Production Services:

  1. Editing

  2. Visual Effects and Composition - 3D, Animation and Motion Graphics

  3. Colour Correction and Colour Grading

  4. Sound Design, Effects and Foley

  5. Music Licensing

  6. Footage Archival and Data Management


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Our Video Production Process

It takes an army to produce amazing work, here are just some of the faces that make things happen here at Clear.

Tel: 0777 157 962

35, D.S. Fonseka Road, Colombo 5

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